Approved Importer (AI)/ Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

These plans are designed to streamline trade processes and assist in securing the global trade chain. These are voluntary participation plans operated and managed by the Customs Administration.

The central idea behind the program is to simplify and facilitate trade processes, collaborating with the business sector, and enhancing the Customs service for companies and importers.

Companies that have applied and received approval to join the programs will benefit from facilitations in both import and export processes.

The core principle of the program is partnership between Customs and the business sector (Customs-Business Partnership).

From the Customs perspective, the program aims to:

  1. Focused Customs
  2. Smart Risk Management
  3. Simplification and facilitation of trade processes
  4. Strengthening collaboration between Customs and the business sector
  5. Improving the Customs service

Facilitations for an Approved Economic Operator (AEO) / Authorized Importer include:

  1. Early Notification Service process implementation (intended for pre-alerts before availability).
  2. Option to consolidate supplier accounts.
  3. Exemption from Importer Declaration (subject to approval by the relevant authority in the administration).
  4. Direct and electronic submission of documents to Customs agents.
  5. Contact persons within the Customs Administration.
  6. Provided that your Customs agent is AEO certified.

Who can submit the request:

Importer businesses that meet the participation criteria:

  • Compliance with various tax and foreign trade laws.
  • Financial qualifications.
  • Implementation of a computerized system for managing procurement, document control, ISO quality records, and warehouse management (e.g., ISO-9001 standard).
  • Backup and electronic storage of company data.
  • Possible visit to the applicant’s office.

Registered businesses with an Ltd. status.

Documents to prepare before submitting the request:

  1. Company profile
  2. A document supporting the existence of a system for managing commercial records (e.g., ISO-9001 certification)
  3. Approval of the proper bookkeeping by the company’s accountant
  4. Authorized document signed within the company
  5. Note – submission only through the company’s smart card.

After submitting the request form, a notification of its receipt will be sent within a few days. A Customs representative will contact you to explain the further process and your inclusion in either an Economic Entity or an Approved Importer, as per the Customs decisions.

The service is provided at no cost. Good luck!

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