“World Gate” System

The “World Gate” system is Israel’s new platform for managing foreign trade. It serves as a comprehensive computing platform for foreign trade management, operating in an internet-based environment, utilizing electronic, paperless messages…

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Ocean Freight vs. Air Freight

Sea freight and air freight are two of the most popular shipping methods in the global shipping industry. Sea freight is a more cost-effective option for larger shipments and is often associated with the transportation of goods on large cargo ships traveling from port to port…

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The Prominent Advantages of Ocean Freight Shipping

The world of international trade is evolving year by year, offering a wide range of options. However, when it comes to transportation, two prominent options stand out: sea freight and air freight. The differences between them are significant, and we can find advantages and disadvantages in both…

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Importing Goods from Europe to Israel

Importing goods from Europe to Israel can be a complex process, depending on the type of goods being imported. In general, importers must adhere to customs regulations, pay duties and taxes, and obtain the necessary approvals…

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of managing the flow of goods, services, and information from raw material suppliers or the final product to end customers. It includes planning and managing all activities related to …

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