DROP third party deliveries

DLJ Logistics provides third party delivery services (DROP). The service is provided professionally and with great precision so that any importer or organization can move a shipment or cargo from a certain point to another point around the world, without mistakes and all in accordance with the specific requirements.

What are DROP third party delivery services?

A third-party delivery service is intended for those who need to move cargo from a certain point on the globe to another point in an efficient and fast manner, and sometimes even without the shipment passing through Israel at all due to the high costs and other additional reasons. Shipping is done according to the urgency of the shipment and the various conditions such as sea, air or express shipping.

In order to achieve a high level of accuracy, DLJ Logistics works in collaboration with a dedicated system to operate the entire supply chain from anywhere and everywhere around the world, and provides full support from the planning stage of the shipment to its safe arrival at the destination. The service includes dealing with bureaucracy, taxes, transportation and more.

Professional care all the way

Due to the complexity of third-party shipments, the company ensures professional handling throughout, for example separation between the supplier’s documents and the final customer’s documents to prevent inconveniences and maintain compartmentalization according to the customer’s request. In addition, the company works in full partnership with the customer and updates every step of the progress of the shipment from its starting point to its arrival at its destination.

Courier filling cargo declaration on cardboard package

How does the process work?

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