Ocean Freight vs. Air Freight

Sea freight and air freight are two of the most popular shipping methods in the global shipping industry. Sea freight is a more cost-effective option for larger shipments and is often associated with the transportation of goods on large cargo ships traveling from port to port. On the other hand, air freight provides a faster option for smaller shipments and involves the transportation of goods via airplanes flying from airport to airport.

When deciding which option to use, businesses must consider the cost, speed, and size of their shipment. Sea freight is generally cheaper than air freight, but it also takes more time to reach its destination. Air freight is more expensive but significantly faster than sea freight. Additionally, businesses need to consider the size of their shipment. Larger shipments can be more cost-effective when sent by sea freight, while smaller shipments may be more economical when sent by air freight. When it comes to calculating the cost of air freight, pricing is derived either based on the weight of the package or the volume of the package, and the pricing is calculated based on the higher of the two.

In international shipping, both sea freight and air freight have their advantages and disadvantages. Businesses need to consider the cost, speed, and size of their shipment when deciding which option to use. Ultimately, the best option for each business will depend on its individual shipping needs. Businesses with a stable customer base and an experienced purchasing and logistics department typically operate in a fixed and well-known structure where orders can be coordinated with the logistics department’s schedule, thus saving a significant portion of shipping costs.

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