Hazardous Materials

ClassificationDivisionHazardous MaterialsClassAification Number
Explosive Material1.1 – 1.6Explosive Material1
Flammable Gas2.1Gases2
Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic Gas2.2Gases2
Toxic Gas2.3Gases2
Flammable LiquidFlammable Liquid3
Flammable Liquid4.1Flammable Solids4
Incendiary Material4.2Flammable Solids4
Water-Reactive Material Emitting Flammable Gas4.3Flammable Solids4
Oxidizing Substances5.1Oxidizing Substances5
Organic Peroxides5.2Oxidizing Substances5
Toxic Substances6.1Toxic Substances6
Infectious Substances6.2Toxic Substances6
Radioactive MaterialsRadioactive Materials7
Food MaterialsFood Materials8
Dangerous GoodsDangerous Goods9

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